Chris Fritz


"helping you have a Vuetiful day"

Chris Fritz lives in Lansing, Michigan, working on open source and helping companies around the world build incredible web front-ends. He’s most well known for his work as a member of the Vue core team, writing and curating Vue’s documentation, along with other resources to make life simpler for web developers.As a remote consultant nowhere near any coasts, he enjoys traveling the world and answering the inevitable question, “So… why Michigan? Are you hiding from the law or something?” When at home and his lap isn’t occupied by a computer, it usually has a cat on it—or that may be the other way around.

My Sessions

Visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and WebGL in Vue

It might not be obvious how to use Vue's reactive data with non-HTML web technologies, but it's easier than you might imagine. See how it's done, learn the tradeoffs of each technology, and gain tips to optimize performance. You'll be building stunning visualizations to impress clients and colleagues in less time than you think!

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