Jamis Charles


Jamis is a UI Engineer at PayPal. He writes client side JavaScript and Node.js all day for the Send Money app on paypal.com. He loves Front-End Ops (Metrics, monitoring, Webpack, Babel, ESLint), and React.js. He's spent a lot of time migrating legacy JS (backbone) to React & Redux. He loves the web, and every part of that stack.

My Sessions

Emulating Space Invaders in React

Have you ever wondered how you can play old school games in the browser? I wrote an 8-bit emulator in React. You can use that to load up Space Invaders, Pong and other really old games and play them on the web. Writing an emulator is really fun and provides a great deep dive into how the CPU works. A chip-8 emulator is a great way to get started with and explains nicely how emulators and CPUs work.

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