Jana Beck


Jana took the long road to web development with a significant delay as a Ph.D. candidate in linguistics doing a lot of scientific computing in Python. Today she works as a front end engineer supporting data scientists at Stitch Fix. When she's not coding or sleeping, there's a high probability that Jana is sweating in a dance studio or a gym.

My Sessions

Better living through components

Consider a team whose members are technical but not experienced in React. The team shares a lot of API resources, but individuals are responsible for building React apps on their own. What could you build to support such a team? How about components? …components to fetch data, component(s) to manage query string parameters, and even button components that `POST` data payloads provided as props! This is a “lessons learned” talk: we’ll dive into all the nitty gritty details of using components for more than just DOM rendering to enable fast, beginner-friendly, and low-boilerplate app building.

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