Maksym Koretskyi


"Maksym is a skilled tutor and a public speaker delivering talks at international conferences. He is also an editor and the main contributor to one of the biggest Angular publications online AngularInDepth. In his spare time, he answers questions on StackOverflow (top 1%) and mentors developers.

During his professional career, he has taken on many different roles in software development industry. He’s currently working for ag-Grid as a developer advocate.

Key interests:

-          TechEd & mentorship

-          Public speaking & writing

-          Frontend development with a focus on Angular

-          Computer systems architecture"

My Sessions

What every front-end developer should know about change detection

Do you know what the main distinctive feature in modern frameworks is? It’s the way a framework handles synchronization between a component state and the DOM. This mechanism is known as change detection and is usually a determining factor in application’s performance. In this talk, I want to shed some light on the differences between the change detection implementation in front-end frameworks. If you’re in the process of choosing a framework, this knowledge can help you make a decision. If you’re already using a framework, you will know if optimization patterns from other frameworks can be applied to your application. And if this talk inspires you to write your own framework, the information I’ll present here will give you a significant head start.

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