Simona Cotin


Tinkering with javascript in the cloud

Simona is passionate about everything frontend and cloud. Communities power her up and that's why she is co-organising the Javascript London meetup. With knowledge sharing as super power, she has also mentored at workshops for Women Who Code and NgGirls encouraging women to learn more about programming.

My Sessions

Animations, a tale of three frameworks

Animations are getting more and more engaging and spectacular on the web. The reason why they have become an invaluable tool in the web developers toolchest is that they give multiple advantages. The benefits are that they look both amazing while at the same time they can increase perceived performance. We will see how animations can benefit UX by increasing perceived performance by following a few basic guidelines(without overdoing it), and how the three titans of modern front web development are able to facilitate your journey away from uninteresting websites and give them that extra mile of fun.

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